Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

Do you offer any other file types?

Yes, we do! Should you require a file type that is not listed, please contact us prior to making your purchase. If we are able to provide the file type you need, we will create a custom listing for you and send you a direct purchase link.

Do you offer refunds?

By the very nature of digital downloads, these files are not “returnable”. As such, we do not offer refunds or exchanges for any reason. For this reason, we ask that you take the time to verify that you are purchasing file types that will work with your machine, and for your needs.

May I digitize your designs for embroidery?

All files sold by SVG File Designs may only be used in their original format. Therefore, you may not digitize any SVG File Designs design into embroidery designs for personal use or resale.

May I sell items that I make with your designs?

These files are available to you for your crafting purposes as you see fit. Please refer to the listing descriptions for trademark and copyright information.
However, you MAY NOT:
• Use the files, or any part of them, to sell digitally in any format.
• Digitizing the images for embroidery, either for personal or commercial use.
• Share these files with anybody, including loading the designs to Facebook groups. This includes the Freebie files, as they are only free for a set period of time.
• Load these designs to printing sites such as Zazzle, Printful, or other similar sites.

Do I receive an invoice for my order?

Yes! An invoice will be sent to your mailbox. Please visit your mailbox and check your main mailbox and spam inbox.

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